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Levitra 40MG


Levitra 40 mg 

Buy Levitra 40 mg online  is known from its brand name Vardenafil which is used to treat the sexual problem of male counterpart called impotence or erectile Dysfunction. The main work of Levitra is to surge the flow of blood to the penis, which help the man to keep an erection.

But keep in mind that this drug will prevent you from any of the sexually transmitted problems like HIV, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhea, Syphilis. If you want to get rid of this type of issues, then do safe sex with the help of condoms.

How to use Levitra?

Make sure that before taking or giving Levitra to anyone do read the patient leaflet which is offered to you by doctor or pharmacist whenever you get the new refill.

It should be taken as needed with the mouth. Indeed, you can take Buy Levitra 40mg online  after having food, or without food, it doesn’t matter before 1 hour when you have to do sex. Ensure not to take this drug more than once in a day, and another dosage will be accepted after 24 hours gap.

While you have this medication, you will not eat grapefruit, its juice; otherwise, there is no positive effect of Levitra. Because grapefruit can surge the chances of side-effects.

On a timely basis, consult your doctor whether there is any improvement or not.

What are the side-effects man can face after taking Levitra?

Side-effects can be of two types one is adverse, and the other one is common. Firstly, let’s put some light on the adverse side-effects. They are: –

  • Cardiovascular effects
  • Can affect an eye in the form of loss of sight
  • Suddenly you are not able to hear properly
  • QT prolongation
  • Priapism


Research has been conducted to test the side-effects of this drug to over 4430 men between the age group of 56, 18-89 years, and on the basis of varied nations like 81% white, 6% black, 2% Asian, 2% Hispanic, and 9% on others. And when the report came it was astounding means yes there are side-effects of Levitra drug.


Less common side-effects are: –

  • Cold sweats
  • Confusion
  • Chills
  • Mild chest pain
  • Arm, ack, and jaw pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Face difficulty while swallowing food
  • Pain in eye
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Hives
  • Fainting
  • Nervousness
  • Itching in the body


Now, we will talk about two drugs called Cialis and the same Levitra which do the same work means treating the patients of impotence.

According to the report of the Urology Care Foundation, around 30 million men in America have Erectile Dysfunction.


Both these drugs work in the same way the only difference is when you have to take it, the timeframe of working, and what is the difference in the side-effects.


Cost, availability, and insurance

You will get Cialis and Levitra at most of the medical store, or you can buy Levitra 40mg online  from www., which is one of the most trusted online stores among people for best drug. Generally, most of the health insurance organizations will not cover their cost in it. Means if you have a health plan and your condition is severe, then the program will pay for that.


Drug interactions

Each and every drug comes with its own risk of interaction. Both these drugs can interact with: –

  1. Various nitrates such as isosorbide mononitrate and nitroglycerin
  2. Inhibitors which are protease
  3. Medicines which are anti-fungal like ketoconazole and itraconazole
  4. Blockers which are alpha which is used in treating High Blood pressure
  5. Antibacterial drugs

The person who is taking this drug must avoid alcohol as a drug will not work with it.



If by chances you have overdose the drug and some serious symptoms occur, then directly go the concerned doctor from where your treatment is going on. Ensure that you will share Levitra with anyone.

Store this medication at room temperature away from abundant light and moisture.

This drug is in the market in a variety of doses, which range from 2.5milligram to 200mg. If you take this medication after eating a heavy fat meal, then it will slow down the rate of absorption.

This medication lives in the bloodstream for 4-5 hours means it will work for only this much when you take it as per requirement.

Take away

If you have the issue of Erectile Dysfunction or you seem any type of symptoms regards to it talk to the doctor, and he will recommend drug which you buy Levitra 40mg online from the trusted medical store.  Every drug has both positive and negative effects to which you have to take care.

Keep in mind the various side-effects and interactions of this drug with other medicines. Moreover, according to the studies, it is found that if the patient takes this medicine with proper precautions, then the patient can easily overcome the issue of Erectile Dysfunction.
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