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What is soma or carisoprodol?

Soma 350mg is a brand name used for the drug carisoprodol. Buy soma online is a muscle relaxer that blocks the pain sensation between the brain and the nerves. It is prescribed by doctors to treat muscle pains. It is used together to treat skeletal muscle conditions such as injury or pain by imparting a calming effect.

What is soma used for?

carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant that helps in blocking pain sensation. It works on the nerves and the brain. It is commonly prescribed to aid rest and physical therapy for treating skeletal muscle conditions such as pain or injury. You can easily order Soma 350 tablet online USA or any part of the world with a doctor’s prescription.Buy Hydrocodone Online
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Side effects of Soma


Some common and manageable side effects of Soma may include headache, constipation, sleepiness or drowsiness, increased heart rate, dry eyes, vomiting, upset stomach, sweating, muscle stiffness, skin rash, twitching, fever, chills, difficulty urinating or other urinating problems, dry mouth, diarrhea, dizziness, increased clumsiness, etc.

Soma causes serious side effects. Some rare and severe side effects may include:


  • lack of coordination
  • swelling of lips, tongue, throat, or mouth
  • agitation or aggressive behavior
  • paralysis
  • hallucinations
  • infections due to decreased amount of white and red blood cells, known as pancytopenia
  • orthostatic hypotension (severe dizziness generally caused or when you stand up)
  • Severe skin allergy causing extremely red, peels or blisters on the skin, known as erythema multiforme.
  • seizures or epilepsy




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